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This page is under construction.   This page is a recreation of the State Law Page on the old IDA web site which no longer exists.
Many  links may be bad but it serves as a starting point for anyone wanting to review other states legislation.

This page also is a update to links to California Legislation of Regulation regarding Outdoor Lighting which will be included in a separate page soon.

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State Law Examples  -- Adopted Legislation

  1. Arizona -
  2. Arizona Title 49 -- See chapter 7 LIGHT POLLUTION STATUTES
    Title 49 - The Environment) (Chapter Seven - Light Pollution) - printable version posted (or HAC)
    Other resources: Arizona Municipal Codes
  3. Arkansas - The Shielded Outdoor Lighting Act

  4. California - SBX15 (.pdf 54k)  signed April 2001, amends 25402.5. - establishes control of all outdoor lighting by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

    The CEC is in the process of developing the 2005 standards -
    The Outdoor Lighting Standards Committee Docket Number: 02-OLS-1 (CEC Project Link)
      Background Information About the Outdoor Lighting Standards (CEC link)
      California Outdoor Lighting Standards Synopsis (.pdf 92K) (CEC link)
      Draft 3 of the 2005 Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings

    Other resources:
    California Energy Commission (CEC) Web Site
    Outdoor Lighting Baseline Assessment Project, CEC Contract #400-95-012,
    "Bright Lights, Big City? Not Ideally" - Lighting.com,
    A Guide to Outdoor Lighting Regulations in California (off line) -- compiled by Cal-IDA
  5. Colorado -
  6. Colorado HB-01-1160 An Act Concerning Energy Efficient Standards for 
    Certain Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Funded by the State( PDF )  History Search
    Introduced  01/16/2001 passed 
  7. Connecticut - 
  8. Connecticut Public Act 01-134 - An Act Requiring Energy Efficient Roadway Lighting
    History: Statute #13a-110a for State funded highways  ( Repealed )
    Connecticut, HB-5092 & Substitute Bill No. 5092 S.B. No. 627 (RAISED) - 03-20-96 ENV - NO ACTION
    Other resources:   The Connecticut Section of IDA
  9. Georgia - 
  10. Georgia HB 942 - Parks, historic areas, dark sky preserves, etc.
    Georgia House Bill 645 - Natural resources; dark area preserves; highways; light trespass
  11. Hawaii -
  12. State of Hawaii H.B. NO 1743

  13. Maine - 
  14. 5 M.R.S. § 1769. Outdoor lighting, and IDAs Information Sheet 46

  15. New Jersey - 
  16. State of New Jersey -- 27:5-9c Requirements for signage lighting
  17. New Mexico - 
  18. House Bill 337 Introduced 1997, as passed HB39, Passed 6 April 1999 ! With Amendments
    New Mexico Proposed Outdoor Lighting Control Act of 1999 [Became law 1/1/2000]
    New Mexico Night Sky Protection Act -- Became law 1-1-2000 N.M.S. § 74-12
    Highlights of the New Mexico Night Sky Protection Act - (.pdf)
    Other resources:    Codes, Laws and Ordinances  --  List compiled by DeLapp & Associates, Inc.
  19. Texas -
  20. HB 916 - Bill History  - Text  - Actions- Introduced 25 Jan. 99 -- Signed by the Governor 19 June 1999
    History: first introduced as HB 600 in 1977. 
    Other resources:    Effective Outdoor Lighting Council of Texas (EOLC) Useful Information & Links

  21. Rhode Island -
    CHAPTER 420 2002-S 2399A Enacted 28 JUL 2002. An Act Relating to State Affaris and Government - Outdoor Lighting Control   (Search Notes)
    Bill H7990 - NIGHT OUTDOOR PUBLIC LIGHTING - Introduced:  07 MAR 2000

    Bill H7990a - NIGHT OUTDOOR PUBLIC LIGHTING  (Revised) - Introduced:   07 MAR 2000
    IDA Read Copies -- H7990 (IDA Read Copy .pdf) --H7990a (IDA Read Copy .pdf) 

  22. Wyoming -
    SF0048 - Outdoor lighting tariffs as Enrolled (.pdf  73k) - signed 17 FEB 2003
    2003 General Session 57th Legislature Senate Files Index
    Other resources: See Wyoming SF0049 below.

State Law Examples  --  Proposed or Introduced Legislation
  1. Connecticut -
  2. House Bill 5347 (Introduced Feb 2002 session)(pdf) -- HB-5347 History & Progress
    To have the state buy out Connecticut Light & Power's interests in streetlights in order to allow municipalities to reduce streetlighting costs.
    House Bill 5016, Introduced  Feb 2002 session(pdf)  -- HB-5016 History & Progress
    Title: AN ACT CONCERNING PROGRAMS ELIGIBLE FOR FUNDING UNDER THE NEIGHBORHOOD ASSISTANCE ACT.  To reduce wasted energy represented by light pollution and light trespass from streetlights through qualified programs under the Neighborhood Assistance Program.
    House Bill 5532, Introduced in Feb 2002 session,  (pdf)  -- HB-5532 History & Progress
    Title: AN ACT REQUIRING REDUCTION IN GLARE AND LIGHT POLLUTION FROM PRIVATE AREA  FLOODLIGHTING LOCATED WITHIN THE STATE RIGHT-OF-WAY. A bill to restrict floodlights  and require shielding for floodlights located within the state right of way...also  imposes a $100 a day penalty on the utility company for violations remaining 90 days  after notice.
    House Bill 5636, Introduced Feb 2002 session(pdf)  -- HB-5636 History & Progress
    A bill to reduce light pollution at state buildings and facilities and create a statewide Light Pollution Study Group.
  3. Delaware - 

  5. Iowa -  
  6. House Bill 265  July 1999,  Senate Study Bill 3035
    History  HB 2014, introduced Jan 10, 1996
    Iowa House File 265 -- Outdoor Light Fixture Efficiency [proposed 1-18-2000]
    Iowa Senate Study Bill SSB-3035 Statewide Outdoor Lighting Bill [proposed]
    IDA Read Copies -- HB265 (.pdf) --SB3035 (.pdf)-- HB2014 (.pdf) 
  7. Maryland - 
  8. Maryland Outdoor Lighting Study Bill -- Draft Legislation
    Maryland -- Task Force to Study Lighting Efficiency and Light Pollution in Maryland
    IDA Read Copies -- HJ0014 (.pdf)   --  HJ0014 DRAFT (.pdf)

  9. Massachusetts -  
  10. HB 3990  Jan 1999,  referred to House Science & Technology
    NELPG history Massachusetts State Outdoor-Lighting Bill  & status Latest  Introduced as HB 4254 in 1997
    Info on Michigan House of Representatives Bill 4254
    Michigan House Bill 4254 Legislative Analysis
    Proposed Mass. state legislation (Night-Outdoor-Lighting Bill)
  11. Michigan -  
  12. HB 4254,  Referred to Committee on Tech. & Energy 4 Dec 1997
    References to House Bill No. 5526  25 Jan. 1996   For status use Legislative Search Tool Session 1997-1998
  13. New Hampshire - 
  14. HB727 passed Oct. 09 1999 (Establishes a committee to study the issue)
    Proposed Outdoor Lighting Control Ordinance   HB 222-FN  passed  Senate & House action pending. 
    New Hampshire 2001 LP Bill HB222FH text
    New Hampshire 2001 LP Bill HB222FH under consideration
    *State of New Hampshire Outdoor Lighting Control Ordinance House Bill HB0727 [proposed]
    *New Hampshire proposed statewide lighting law - Obsolete (See current version above)
    Other resources:    New Hampshire Citizens for Responsible Lighting
  15. New York - Featured Link
  16. Text of Assembly Bill  - A02864 January 19, 2007
    A5352/S3386 passed both houses of the Legislature JUN 2001 but was vetoed by the Gov. FEB 2002.
    The current bill introduced as A6950/S3003, passed the Assembly 19 ARP 2004 New 22 APR 2004
    For updates on this bill see SELENE's - The Bills: 2004 page.
    History: Please refer to the SELENE Bill History Web Page
    Other resources:   SELENE New York - State Affiliate - updates and Outdoor Lighting Ordinances
    SELENE is you best reference for activities in New York state.
    Activists in New York have gone through a long process to try to get legislation passed.
  17. Oregon - 
  18. House Bill 2628 as Introduced

  19. Pennsylvania - 
  20. Proposed  Outdoor Lighting Bill -- General Assembly of Pennsylvania
    Other resources:    Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council - updates and Outdoor Lighting Ordinances
  21. Virginia  - 
  22. HB 2026 Regulation of exterior illumination  full text  (pdf - version)
    Status:  -- House: Tabled in Counties, Cities & Towns 02/02/01 
    Other resources: Virginia Section IDA Web Site and Contacts
  23. Wyoming - 
  24. SF0049 - Outdoor lighting, as Introduced, Digest History, stalled in Senate 05 FEB 2003
    2003 General Session 57th Legislature Senate Files Index

    Outdoor Lighting Bill SF0041
    ,  Introduced as SF0017 Jan 12 1999   Status  3/2/00 Referred to H07
    * Wyoming Outdoor Lighting Senate Bill to become effective July 1, 2000 [not passed]1999 State of Wyoming 99LSO-0013

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