California at Night
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September 1, 1999

California at night 7

California at Night a Massive
Waste of Energy and Light

Surly this must represent more than $150,000,000 each year
 in unnecessary energy cost.  


 33,336,000 kWh/year six valley cities (metropolitan areas).

See Light Pollution and Green House Gas in Central California link below.

Cal-ISO implemented rotating outages for a
shortage of 2,000 MW during the power crises of 2000.

How much energy does it take to destroy the night sky?

How much energy does it take to mask the Milky Way?

Is the Milky Way a energy waste measurement tool?

The image at left is from a 1997 product from
USAF Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) 1997.
Red represents very bright or intense light levels blue and purple less.

Energy Links
Light Pollution and Green House Gas in Central California - This page provides examples of a number of Central California Cities and the Light Energy Loss coupled to CO2 emissions that result from light pollution.
California Energy Commission (CEC)
Link To
CEC's 1996 Lighting Efficiency Technology Report
ISO Power Watch 2000    ISO

Lighting Links
Some solutions can be found in light fixture design, solutions exist and more are available every day.
 Dark sky friendly lighting fixtures, International Dark-Sky Association
More Links

Looking for some dark sky?  Try the IDA Dark Sky Finder
What is a truly Dark Sky?   See IDA Information Sheet 111
Skyglow and Light Pollution -  Modeling
How limiting magnitude relates to LP  -  IDA Info. Sheet 120
Satellite Images - Individual States, Earth & US, NASA Earth

05 OCT 2007
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