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This page is dedicated to collection and analysis of Environmental Impact Report that address or reference
such topics as Light Pollution, Outdoor Lighting, Night Sky, Astronomy, Nocturnal Animals, Anamal Habitat and related topics.

You will find here links to current Draft and Final Environmental Impact Reports, Public Comments, Proposed Wording and Meeting notes and so on.
This page strikes new ground it that the Dark Sky community has generally payed no attention to
Environmental Impact Reports as a tool for advocacy.
In California and many other states and the Federal Government are important planning documents.  In California EIRs are the action document required under CEQA the California Environmental Quality Act.
At this time this pages appears some what disjointed, primarily because it is a "collection of notes" and copies of other previously worked on pages.

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An Environmental Impact Report is prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act of 1970 (Public Resources Code Division 13). An Environmental Impact Report is a informational document which, when required shall be considered by every public agency involved prior to its approval or disapproval of a project. The purpose of an Environmental Impact Report is to provide public agencies with detailed information about the effect that a proposed project is likely to have on the environment; to list ways in which any adverse effects of such a project might be minimized; and to suggest alternatives to such a project.  It may also triger conditions on the related project.
Public Resource Code Divison 13
CEQA Home page

What is CEQA and its purpose?
CEQA stands for California Environmental Quality Act. The state law was enacted in 1970 for protection of environmental resources.

The basic purposes of CEQA are to:
  1. Inform governmental decision-makers and the public about the potential, significant environmental effects of proposed activities
  2. Identify the ways that environmental damage can be avoided or significantly reduced.
  3. Prevent significant, avoidable damage to the environment by requiring changes in projects through the use of alternatives or mitigation measures when the governmental agency finds the changes to be feasible
  4. Disclose to the public the reasons why a governmental agency approved the project in the manner the agency chose if significant environmental effects are involved
  5. Encourage early coordination among agencies in reviewing projects
  6. Provide better opportunity for public participation

Section 15126 of the CEQA Guidelines requires that all aspects of a project must be considered when evaluating the project’s impact on the environment. As part of this analysis, the EIR must identify the following:
• significant environmental effects of the proposed project;
• significant environmental effects that cannot be avoided if the proposed project isimplemented;
• significant irreversible environmental changes that would result from implementation of theproposed project;
• the project’s growth-inducing impacts;
• mitigation measures proposed to minimize significant effects; and
• alternatives to the proposed project

As a place holder the following link provides some references.
List of General Plan & Environmental Impact Reports referencing lighting

Notes / Examples by County --

Sacramento County-
Department of Environmental Review and Assessment (DERA)

City of Sacramento-

City of Citrus Heights-

Placer County

Environmental Impact Review (EIR) - Related References

Brain Storming -
EIR Elements -
Aesthetics and Visual Resources Element
Viewsheds - often included under the topic AESTHETICS, are not the views of the night sky, milky way etc. part of the Visual Components and Viewsheds.
visual character - The night sky is part of  a places "Visual Caharacter"
scenic vista


State of California Regulations Relating to EIRs and CEQA

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California Counties' Websites - California State Association of Counties
County Maps - - California State Association of Counties
County Maps and links to County Administration Web Sites, by California Land Surveyors Association

City Government - League of California Cities
City Website Links - California Cities with websites

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