Be it ordained by the Warren County Board of Supervisors that Chapter
180 (Zoning Ordinance) of the Warren County Code be amended to the

Section 180-49.2 Lighting.

A.  Purpose and intent.

The purpose of this section is to regulate the placement, orientation,
distribution patterns, and fixture types of outdoor lighting.  The
intent of this section is to encourage lighting that provides safety,
utility, and security; also to prevent glare on public roadways,
protect the privacy of residents, and reduce atmospheric light

B.  Outdoor Lighting Compliance Statement.

The applicant for any permit for work involving outdoor lighting
fixtures governed by this Section shall submit, as part of the site
plan, evidence that the proposed work will comply with this Section.
This information shall contain but not be limited to the following:

(1) The location, height, make, model, lamp type, and wattage of each
outdoor lighting fixture; and

(2) certification that the angle of total light cutoff is no more than
90 degrees; and

(3) additional information the Zoning Administrator may determine is
necessary, including but not limited to illuminance level profiles.

C.  Approved Materials and Methods of Construction, Installation,
or Operation.

The provisions of this Section are not intended to prevent the use of
any design, material, or methods of installation or operation not
specifically prescribed by this Section, provided any such alternate
has been approved.  The Zoning Administrator may approve any such
proposed alternative provided it:

(1) provides at least approximate equivalent to the applicable
specific requirement of this Section; and

(2) is otherwise satisfactory and complies with the purpose and intent
of this Section.

D.  General Requirements: All zoning districts.

(1) All outdoor lighting fixtures, including display lighting, shall
be turned off after close-of-business, unless needed for safety or
security, in which case the lighting shall be reduced to the minimum
level necessary.

(2) Auto/Truck filling stations.  Island canopy ceiling fixtures shall
be recessed.

(3) Recreational facilities, public or private.  Lighting for outdoor
recreational facilities shall be shielded according to Table F of this

(4) All light fixtures that are required to be fully shielded shall be
installed and maintained so that the shielding is effective as
described in the definition of a full-shielded fixture in Section
180-49.2 (h) Definitions.

E.  Special Requirements.  

Industrial and Commercial Zoning Districts,
and industrial, commercial, and institutional uses in any zoning

(1) Outdoor lighting fixtures shall comply with the shielding
requirements of Table F of this Section.

(2) Light trespass from a property shall be designed not to exceed 0.5
footcandles at the property line.


Fixture Lamp Type                                           Shielded

Low/High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor,                       FULLY
Metal Halide and Fluorescent over 50 watts

Incandescent over 160 watts                                    FULLY

Incandescent 160 watts or less                                 NONE

Fossil fuel                                                    NONE

Any light source of 50 watts or less                           NONE

Other sources                           As approved by Section 180-49.2 

Note: Incandescent includes tungsten-halogen (quartz) lamps

G.  Exemptions.  

The following uses shall be exempt from the
provisions of this ordinance:

(1) Roadway and Airport lighting and lighting activated by motion
sensor devices.

(2) Temporary circus, fair, carnival, or civic uses.

(3) Construction or emergency lighting, provided such lighting is
temporary and is discontinued immediately upon completion of the
construction work or abatement of the emergency necessitating said

(4) Temporary lighting.

(5) Lighting associated with agricultural pursuits.

H.  Definitions

FULLY SHIELDED FIXTURE.  An outdoor lighting fixture that is shielded
or constructed so that all light emitted is projected below a
horizontal plane running through the lowest part of the fixtures.

GLARE.  Light that causes annoyance, discomfort, or loss in visual
performance and ability.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING FIXTURE.  An electrically powered illuminating device
or other outdoor lighting fixture including all parts used to
distribute the light and/or protect the lamp, permanently installed or
portable, used for illumination.  Such devices shall include, but are
not limited to, search, spot flood and area lighting.

RECESSED CANOPY FIXTURE.  An outdoor lighting fixture recessed into a
canopy ceiling so that the bottom of the fixture is flush with the