Big Bear Lake Municipal Code  -  Lighting  References

17.35.080 Site design standards.
E. Lighting.
1. For the purposes of establishing lighting requirements, the following terms shall apply:
“Cutoff” means the point at which all direct light rays from the bulb are completely shielded from view.
“Footcandles” means the measurement of lighting level at the property line at ground level, as measured with a direct-reading, portable light meter. The measurement shall be made after dark, first with the lights on and then again with the lights off. The difference between the two readings shall meet the standard for maximum permitted illumination in footcandles.
“Luminaire” means the lighting fixture containing the light source or bulb.
“Luminaire height” means the distance from ground level to the highest point of the luminaire (including base and pedestal).
2. Within commercial zones, all luminaires shall be designed to have a cutoff of ninety (90) degrees or less, as shown on the following illustration:

3. Maximum permitted luminaire height shall be twenty (20) feet within parking lots and sixteen (16) feet within other portions of the development site.
4. Minimum permitted illumination within parking areas and walkways shall be 0.25 footcandles for low-intensity uses and 1.0 footcandle for high-intensity uses.
5. Maximum permitted illumination on site shall be 3.0 footcandles for low-intensity uses and 5.0 footcandles for high-intensity uses, except that if the site abuts residentially used or designated land the maximum illumination adjacent to these areas shall be 1.0.
6. Decorative incandescent fixtures of forty (40) watts or less are allowed without approval.
7. Lighting fixtures and luminaires shall be of decorative design in keeping with the design theme of the site. Colors shall be dark green, gray, brown, or other earth tone color to blend with the forest environment.
8. Lighting shall not be used for advertising. The use of searchlights to attract attention is prohibited.
9. Lights shall not be allowed to blink, flash, change intensity or color, or give the illusion of movement.
10. Where exterior mounted lights are used to illuminate signage or architectural features, the lights shall be sharply focused and directed to minimize light spillage. Backlighting is encouraged.
11. Exterior lighting shall be reduced to the extent feasible during hours that the business is not in operation, to preserve views of the night sky.
12. Security lighting shall be directed downward so that the light source (bulb) is not visible from off site, the light is directed down, and the light level at the property line does not exceed 1.0 footcandle, excluding public street right-of-way.
13. Upward lighting used to illuminate flags shall be sharply focused and directed to minimize light spillage.